ELDAN anti-age treatment lifting effect

Premium - Lifting effect & expression lines treatment, 50 ml

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ELDAN Premium line - Lifting effect & expression lines treatment

24h cream specifically formulated to fight the “expression lines” and confer a lifting effect to the face. Its formulation allows a deeply nourishment while protecting the skin against the external noxions agents which accelerate the natural ageing process.

Apply evenly on face and neck and massage gently until completely absorbed.

Top ingredients:

Panthenol: soothing, moisturizing
Sweet almond oil: emollient
Shea butter: nourishing
Avocado oil: emollient
Jojoba oil: emollient
Rosa mosqueta oil: emollient
vitamin A: regenerating
vitamina E: anti-oxidant
Yeast extract: anti-aging
Hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin: tightening agent
Acetyl Hexapeptide: lifting agent